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Aloha & E Komo Mai (welcome) to my Life After Fifty website.  Being a native from Hawaii, I grew up in a culture where the emphasis on family and taking care of our seniors is vital. Sooner than I realized, I was part of that “older” generation and many changes happened to me both personally and professionally.  I wanted to share with others many of the changes I experienced and anticipate will continue as my own life after 50 goes on.

Change happens but not always welcomed.

I was born and raised in Hawaii and lived there for over 45 years. After some major lifestyle changes of my own, I moved to Oregon and currently reside in a rural town in the beautiful Willamette Valley.  The reason I moved was my 9-year marriage was ending, I was no longer employed and needed to finish my Associates Degree in Health Information Technology at a local business college.  Great start heading into my 50s: divorced, unemployed and accumulating debt.  It was not a welcoming time but I had to embrace it and deal with it head-on.  Life turned out wonderful for me so far the second time around.
My aim is to share through my blogs what can help, aid and challenge my generation today to keep up and stay informed. For those of us 50 and older, we face many challenges especially in all aspects of our lives whether we face health challenges, career transitions, struggling with ongoing debt, having to deal with family issues and other stress factors that can create overwhelming anxiety and fear in our lives – and we’re not getting any younger – so all the more to stay vigilant in all things!

Change can be for the better if you know how to use it wisely.

Change is good. Change is challenging. There is an upside and all is not lost. Hopefully, my website will provide you information on how to take some practical steps or approaches to achieve that balance in life one day at a time.
I do enjoy feedback so I can improve and enhance this website, so please drop me a comment with suggestions and ideas.  While my blogs started off weekly, then monthly, it has tapered off now that I have a new job and wanting to spend more time with The Hubs since our work schedules are a bit tricky these days. However, I will aim to post a blog at least quarterly if not more often.  It just depends on the adventures I experience or if a particular topic comes to mind which entices me to inspire, provoke, motivate or do all three for those appreciating my comments.
Mahalo for stopping by and thrive where you are!
Founder of LifeAfterFifty

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