Career changes after 50

It’s no secret that finding a good-paying job after the age of 50 is like playing roulette. Your chances of finding a relatively higher or lower fixed source of income is a 50-50 (no pun intended) chance whether you choose a red or black marker (in this case, opportunity). Nine times out of ten, the job pay is actually lower the older you get, especially after 50.

Why is it difficult as one gets older, more mature (for the most part) and more experienced (usually)? Simple. Changes in the job market evolve constantly. The demand to be more service-oriented through technology is the obvious outcome. Companies are looking to streamline the process by utilizing automated services so candidates can post online their job history, resume and references. While this is a much more effective way of handling things, not everyone has good computer skills. Yes, not every generation embraces technological changes and this can pose a problem for us older folks.

If you are more ‘savvy’ with computer skills, more knowledgeable with software or have the technical mind-set to navigate through social media and add value or enhance a client’s business needs, you have a far greater advantage then your competitor vying for the same job opportunity. Keeping up with changes that could impact your career or job is so important, especially for the Generation X crowd and older generations.

Fret not. Career changes do not necessarily equate to seeking after another job. While having a job provides a fixed income, it helps with cost-of-living expenses and provides budgetary guidelines (living within one’s means or living outside one’s means), there are other ways to help you navigate if you are experiencing career changes or not sure if your job will still be there for another ten or twenty years from now.

A part-time job or developing a part-time home-based business can also provide opportunities for other streams of income – passive income for starters, like market affiliation. This type of passive income is when you post ads from various sites like Amazon, BestWigOutlet, Sephora or Wal-Mart on your website, blog or other social media platform.

If a reader sees the ad and clicks on it from your platform and buys something from that site, the company will give you a commission fee. This fee can grow into multiple fees if you post multiple ads and has the potential to pay you a nice side paycheck in your spare time and you don’t have to leave your house or go work somewhere for someone else. Doesn’t that sound pretty enticing?

By now, most of you reading this blog may already be well familiar with this type of passive income. I’m fairly new to the concept and I would encourage you to research it thoroughly along with several other sites offering the same concept. It is also important to look at all other types of passive income ideas. You can get a whole bucket list of those viewing YouTube videos, for example, from those already successfully established as having a market affiliation business or some other online business venture that can be done on a part-time basis and in the comfort of your own home

This doesn’t mean you simply snap your fingers and money starts electronically being transferred to your account from an invisible benefactor. No, you still have to put work into it. Anything worthwhile takes effort. Let me repeat myself: you still have to put work into it. It’s not different from learning a craft, honing a skill or actually gaining hands-on experience.

The first key to adapt to career changes (job or side business venture) is taking the right kind of trainings. Whether you sign up to become a member of a marketing affliation site like or take decide to take a transcription course online from or purchase an online course on Excel expertise from, training is key if you want to have an edge of your fellow competitor or impress a potential client to contract your services.

A second key is BELIEF. That’s right: believing in yourself. Quite difficult if you struggle with low self-esteem or having a negative, skeptical and critical outlook on yourself and others. Why? Because being a success doesn’t mean you do it all by yourself. Yes, you put the effort it in, but you also learn from those who have gone before you and done the same kind of work for a longer period. There is a wealth of knowledge to be captured by surrounding yourself with success-minded, passionate, determined and service-oriented individuals willing to teach, mentor and add value to your life and skill-set IF you believe that you are worth it.

A third key is to be willing to adapt without losing your focus. Remember your purpose, passion, your motivation for wanting something better for you and your family. If your are content with just being a 9-to-5 person and that provides enough, then make it work and improve upon it by never stop learning. But if you’re aware that someday that position may evolve, be eliminated or changed into the kind of work you no longer are interested in, start looking for other opportunities be flexible but stay focused. It is always highly recommended to stick with your current job while looking for additional ways to supplement that fixed income versus impulsively quitting your job. Build up your skills, invest time in the right training and find a mentor or ask for your help through networking on social media – don’t be afraid to ask questions and directions so you can build upon that success.

So no matter what changes you encounter after 50, embrace them as opportunities for a more positive lifestyle. Meh, so it involves a bit of hard work, persistence, determination and focus – that is no different from when you are working for someone else. Isn’t it time you put those same qualities into working for yourself?

6 thoughts on “Career changes after 50

  1. Jordan says:

    Brilliant and inspirational writing here!

    You make a great case here for being adaptable. I’ve witnessed how tough it can be to get a job after 50, even in spite of having more experience. There are a lot of different reasons for this, as you pointed out, but being able to adapt, and make yourself more marketable is a key. 

    A constant attitude of teachability and learning is how you’ll succeed. Sometimes that even means setting aside pride, but the outcome is fully worth it.

    Thanks for the tips! 

  2. Rgpratap says:

    Hello Shalei,

    Excellent! The review will undoubtedly awaken people. At least I inspired. 50 years of age is not old age. Even if a man wants, he can earn well by his own talent and hard work. Affiliate Marketing is a suitable field for earning at this age. You’re right, self-confidence is very important. I could learn a lot from it. Thanks for the valuable article.


  3. Chidiking88 says:

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    wealthyaffiliate is incomparable. You virtually get so much help and training for everything that assures your online success. Thank you for this beautiful article.  

  4. Chris Isaac says:

    Technology has taken this modern era and many people are still finding it difficult to adapt to technology. It will be difficult for something very cultivating to surpass technology. Therefore, every human should bear that in mind and look for a passive income with the current job he/she is doing. Technology is increasing day by day and the level of understanding too. Two passive humans should have before climbing to fifties are genuine online business or investment and a good MLM company while still working in your current job. Those two can give you peace of mind even after your fifties.

  5. Shalei67 says:

    Glad you liked it. I hope to keep creating blog posts that keep helping others just as I am being helped here at WA!

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