Do you have an I.M.V. Board?

I.M.V. = Inspirational.Motivational.Visual. Board which most refer to simply as a “Vision Board.”

Others call it a “Dream Board”….”Fitness Board”….”Travel Board”…whatever topic a person wants to focus on creating and manifesting into reality and making it achievable – the board is a visual tool to display everything related to that focus.

The internet has tons of ideas through social media like pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and yes, it can even be a lucrative business on the side by providing these type of workshops for people. It is something I looked into recently but with my writing projects going on, I figure I will simply look at creating an I.M.V. board for my own personal goals/dreams.

Right now, I have motivational screen-savers of various travel destinations all around the world. I have motivational quotes on different colored post-it notes attached to my computer monitor where I do my weekly blogging and side business as a virtual consultant.

The great thing about imagination is that it has an endless supply of ideas and creativity that can be inspired through a conversation with a friend, inspired by reading a great book, visiting a brand new place or even taking up a new hobby.

I think these I.M.V. boards can be done at any age and actually, the older we get the more we need them. For some reason, as we grow from childhood to adulthood, many of us become more cynical, skeptical, jaded and even negative-minded through bad experiences or have many disappointments along the way that wear us down and maybe even break our spirits.

But as visual creatures, there is always a solution to remedy that if one is willing to start over. That is one of the great things about life: it is never too late to start over. It is just a matter of making a decision to change.

So how does one start to create an I.M.V. Board? While it is important to have the right supplies, sometimes those very things can be found within the home such as photographs from previous travels, postcards from visiting souvenir shops, leftover stickers, sewing materials and embellishments from days of scrapbooking (if one is into that sort of thing).

Yes, there are “kits” you can order thru Amazon or drop by a favorite local hobby/craft store (for us its Hobby Lobby, Pier 1, Joanne’s or even Michael’s). Those kits could be platforms to start off with and then one simply can create and add one’s own additions like ribbons, organic materials or words cut from a magazine to add to the I.M.V. depending on the theme of the board.  So let’s break down what each letter represents in the I.M.V. Board.

Inspirational [in-spuh-rey-shuh-nl]

Whatever imparts inspiration can be displayed onto the I.M.V. Board to reflect that which causes one to aspire to greatness, to perhaps service to humanity in some form be it through a business, a non-profit charity, an environmental cause or social work. Aspiring to greatness could also be working towards a motivational speaker, aspiring writer or transformational coach to help others. I cannot help but think of older folks – even my age group that could be reminded of what they have the potential to achieve or fulfill if they are just willing to expand their hearts and minds to the idea.

Inspirational could be seeking spiritual fulfillment. It could be achieving the best quality lifestyle in health and wellness after years of mistreating the body thru abuses in food, alcohol or drugs. It comes from aspiring from within after a major (could be traumatic) incident occurs that can only be a sign for one to stop and realize changes must be made.


Motivational [mōdəˈvāSH(ə)n(ə)l]

If you ever tried to train a dog, you would know that you always need some kind of treat to reward the dog for doing a certain task or obey a certain command. The treat motivates the dog to behave a certain way and the dog will keep doing that knowing it will be rewarded accordingly.

By the time we hit our 50s, we usually have gone through quite a few experiences in life to know what to expect and what not to expect. Depending on where we are at in our life, it can either be depressing or hopeful. At our age, we’ve either reached the ceiling limit of our career or even demoted to a lower position due to organizational changes.

While many older folk have contemplated or even returned to school to get some kind of certification or associate’s degree or even a more higher-level college degree, there are those of us who have found that route to be painstakingly frustrating.

It’s important to have an I.M.V. Board to see what we want out of life and if there are some things we want to accomplish, we do not necessarily need to find a higher-paying job to do it. That is why goal-setting is essential. The motivation to change careers could be an opportunity that may require a college degree. It is with my current job situation, but I am choosing to create side business ventures of my own and pursue my writing because my future is to become a best-selling author, not stay in government work as an administrative clerk.

 For some (myself included) as we age, the motivation to improve one’s health will definitely require more exercise, eating healthier and planning menus ahead of time to bring lunch to work versus buying something from the vendor’s machine or a convenient store around the block. For me, going thru physical therapy to help restore functionality to an impaired shoulder also motivated me to exercise the entire body so I could lose weight and feel better.  Part of my regimen included eating healthier and educating myself more about what foods work best for me at my age and what to keep at a minimum.

 Recently, I decided to ask a friend to become my health coach since she is going into that avenue because I think it will help me stay on track with accountability as well. Never had a health coach before but now is as good a time as any to try something different.

So whether you are 51 like me, being inspired and motivated can certainly attribute to having a I.M.V. Board as a tool to keep that focus but inspiration and motivation are just part of what keeps a person on track. One must have a VISION to complete that Board and bring about desirable outcomes.



The I.M.V. is to inspire, motivate and lastly, help visualize through a board of items, words and phrases that are meaningful to the person creating it. As mentioned before, I have noticed the older we get the less we dream or even have a vision for our lives. Somehow routine, ordinary, every day living keeps many of us distracted from digging deeper within and daring to dream a bigger, more abundant life – WHY do we hesitate to do this? WHY are we afraid or reluctant?

Sometimes hard knocks in life can keep us down temporarily until we realize the only way back up is to get up. The only way to face each day is to wake up and take action. I.M.V. Boards are just the tools that will help us take action and move towards everything that results in the achievements we want or the fulfillments we desire. Whether it’s dating again after 50, finding a new hobby or passion that brings new friendships and acquaintances your way or learning a new skill like affiliate marketing to start a lucrative side business that could expand to remarkable online opportunities in many ways – any one of these could be a dream for someone over 50, 60 maybe even 70. Age is not a factor when dreams come into play. The only  limitations we have are within the boundaries we set up in our minds.

Take the time to create an I.M.V. Board – as I will surely start one even if I’m 51…even if it’s not the beginning of the year. These type of boards can be made anytime, with any kind of materials depending on what the theme of the board is, so don’t waste anymore time wishing. Start doing something about those dreams hidden way back on the shelves and cupboards within the mind’s imagination. Dare to soar.  Dare to accomplish.  Dare to achieve.  Dare to fulfill. Dare to dream.

All it takes is a decision to change and the courage to move forward with it.

Career changes after 50

It’s no secret that finding a good-paying job after the age of 50 is like playing roulette. Your chances of finding a relatively higher or lower fixed source of income is a 50-50 (no pun intended) chance whether you choose a red or black marker (in this case, opportunity). Nine times out of ten, the job pay is actually lower the older you get, especially after 50.

Why is it difficult as one gets older, more mature (for the most part) and more experienced (usually)? Simple. Changes in the job market evolve constantly. The demand to be more service-oriented through technology is the obvious outcome. Companies are looking to streamline the process by utilizing automated services so candidates can post online their job history, resume and references. While this is a much more effective way of handling things, not everyone has good computer skills. Yes, not every generation embraces technological changes and this can pose a problem for us older folks.

If you are more ‘savvy’ with computer skills, more knowledgeable with software or have the technical mind-set to navigate through social media and add value or enhance a client’s business needs, you have a far greater advantage then your competitor vying for the same job opportunity. Keeping up with changes that could impact your career or job is so important, especially for the Generation X crowd and older generations.

Fret not. Career changes do not necessarily equate to seeking after another job. While having a job provides a fixed income, it helps with cost-of-living expenses and provides budgetary guidelines (living within one’s means or living outside one’s means), there are other ways to help you navigate if you are experiencing career changes or not sure if your job will still be there for another ten or twenty years from now.

A part-time job or developing a part-time home-based business can also provide opportunities for other streams of income – passive income for starters, like market affiliation. This type of passive income is when you post ads from various sites like Amazon, BestWigOutlet, Sephora or Wal-Mart on your website, blog or other social media platform.

If a reader sees the ad and clicks on it from your platform and buys something from that site, the company will give you a commission fee. This fee can grow into multiple fees if you post multiple ads and has the potential to pay you a nice side paycheck in your spare time and you don’t have to leave your house or go work somewhere for someone else. Doesn’t that sound pretty enticing?

By now, most of you reading this blog may already be well familiar with this type of passive income. I’m fairly new to the concept and I would encourage you to research it thoroughly along with several other sites offering the same concept. It is also important to look at all other types of passive income ideas. You can get a whole bucket list of those viewing YouTube videos, for example, from those already successfully established as having a market affiliation business or some other online business venture that can be done on a part-time basis and in the comfort of your own home

This doesn’t mean you simply snap your fingers and money starts electronically being transferred to your account from an invisible benefactor. No, you still have to put work into it. Anything worthwhile takes effort. Let me repeat myself: you still have to put work into it. It’s not different from learning a craft, honing a skill or actually gaining hands-on experience.

The first key to adapt to career changes (job or side business venture) is taking the right kind of trainings. Whether you sign up to become a member of a marketing affliation site like or take decide to take a transcription course online from or purchase an online course on Excel expertise from, training is key if you want to have an edge of your fellow competitor or impress a potential client to contract your services.

A second key is BELIEF. That’s right: believing in yourself. Quite difficult if you struggle with low self-esteem or having a negative, skeptical and critical outlook on yourself and others. Why? Because being a success doesn’t mean you do it all by yourself. Yes, you put the effort it in, but you also learn from those who have gone before you and done the same kind of work for a longer period. There is a wealth of knowledge to be captured by surrounding yourself with success-minded, passionate, determined and service-oriented individuals willing to teach, mentor and add value to your life and skill-set IF you believe that you are worth it.

A third key is to be willing to adapt without losing your focus. Remember your purpose, passion, your motivation for wanting something better for you and your family. If your are content with just being a 9-to-5 person and that provides enough, then make it work and improve upon it by never stop learning. But if you’re aware that someday that position may evolve, be eliminated or changed into the kind of work you no longer are interested in, start looking for other opportunities be flexible but stay focused. It is always highly recommended to stick with your current job while looking for additional ways to supplement that fixed income versus impulsively quitting your job. Build up your skills, invest time in the right training and find a mentor or ask for your help through networking on social media – don’t be afraid to ask questions and directions so you can build upon that success.

So no matter what changes you encounter after 50, embrace them as opportunities for a more positive lifestyle. Meh, so it involves a bit of hard work, persistence, determination and focus – that is no different from when you are working for someone else. Isn’t it time you put those same qualities into working for yourself?