Health Changes After 50

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We have all heard it before: “As you get older, you need to slow down, eat less, stay active and get enough sleep because you’re not 20 anymore!”  Sound familiar? We are inundated with social media turning out blogs, videos, and endless get-slim-quick schemes so those of us in the “aging” population can keep up with the “youthful” generation.  Sounds like too much work, but it IS important to take care of oneself because let’s face it, we all are getting older.

Are we 50-somethings like fine wine or lukewarm water?

So what can happen to a person after they turn 50?  Health changes for one. For me, I was already experiencing the “symptoms” in my late 30’s and into my 40’s.

Now at 51, I have the pleasure of dealing with pre-menopausal symptoms. Oh, the joys for ya’ll who haven’t reached my age yet!  Turning to diet and exercise had been one of my love-hate relationships since my prepubescent days. Trying to educate myself with all the types of diets out there – I tried most of them: Atkins, low-carb, Vegetarian, Vegan, Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers and most recently, Keto.  All of them contribute to helping me carve out a more modified eating plan, but for years I’ve struggled with few health hits against me. Family obesity, diabetes and hypertension plus certain cancers have bombarded my family especially, I noticed, after many of us were heading into our fifties and later.

I thought after I hit 50, I’d be maturing like fine wine – admired for the flavor, texture, delicacy and aromatic. Nope. Not quite in my experience. Sometimes, I felt similar to that of tasting lukewarm water – without flavor, intensity, color or LIFE!

How does one combat all of this and still be able to function every day balancing work and home life?

Premium vs. Regular (gasoline, that is)

Perfect example: I drive a 2013 Chevy Camaro.  It’s a RED Chevy Camaro and it looks hot as (you can fill in the blank here) when it is washed and waxed on the outside. I do try my best to keep the inside clean, but on occasion, I have one of my jackets in there, I do keep a box of tissues on the backseat along with a spare throw or jacket when the weather is good. I also keep a container of mints or tic-tac, a couple bottled waters and in the trunk a tire air machine (I believe the correct name is an Ion Air Inflator by Craftsman according to Google).

The car can take either regular or premium unleaded gas. I usually will select the premium though it costs me about $43-$45 a fill-up these days.  Is it worth it? Absolutely.  Premium gas allows the car to perform at its optimum level.   On occasion when the budget gets tight, I pay for regular unleaded. The car still runs okay, but it’s not at optimal performance.

So what’s my point?  Consider yourself like the Camaro.  You can occasionally exercise, eat some whole foods, drink lots of water and try to get by on 5-6 hours of sleep after watching a marathon of your favorite Netlfix or Amazon Prime shows and movies.  But can you still function at your best? and for how long?

Change is inevitable – don’t run from it!

Health changes after 50 do happen. They can occur at ANY age, but for me and my family, it was noticeable after turning 50. The decision to put premium time and effort in taking care of one’s health as one gets older is critical for optimal, quality living. We were not meant to just “get by” and live an “okay” lifestyle.  It is so true that most of us don’t always pay attention until something life-changing occurs like being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes at 37, or watching an only older brother go through an aortic aneurysm before he was 40 and the damaging impact it has had on his life, or seeing the fear in a parent’s eyes when told bladder cancer is diagnosed. Health changes are KPI’s (key performance indicators) to inform you it’s time to assess, evaluate and take action.

Consider some really easy steps to giving your health improved functionality:

  1. Consume more “premium” food (whole foods, to be exact – fresh veggies, some fruits, some protein and starch like quinoa, brown rice, or buckwheat).
  2. Get moving! Choose a type of exercise/activity you enjoy. I like simply walking and strive for the minimum of 5,000 steps daily and I wear a pedometer
  3. Get to bed a little earlier so your body can optimally renew itself with a 7-8 hr sleep cycle.
  4. Stay hydrated with drinking lots of water throughout the day.
  5. Check in with your doctor at least 1x/year (or more if you have chronic health issues that require monitoring).

Your health is your wealth.  Nothing else can’t happen unless your health is at optimal level and functionality.  My friends, this isn’t rocket science and it’s certainly not brand-new advice. It is a reminder that we have one body and one life.  So why not make give it a try and let me know how it works out for you. It’s never too late to get healthy and embrace the changes that come with life after 50.


7 thoughts on “Health Changes After 50

  1. Aye2019 says:

    Hi Shalei,

    This is an awesome post. I never knew I would come across a post like this. It’s good to read about the Health change at or after 50.

    Getting older s a fear for me, but what can we do. It’s something inevitable. All we can do is keep healthy and living healthy. 

    Some people say we shouldn’t take life too seriously. The way I interpret that to myself is don’t be too hard on yourself and do your best and think about your health. 

    Whichever age we are, we will look better by taking care of ourselves and eat healthy.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Shalei67 says:

    Thank you! I’m working on trying to get more feedback to my new website and will continue to write more articles on topics and issues that impact my age group of 50+. Yes, health is our wealth before anything else.

  3. Dick says:

    Hello Shalei… I am currently 65 yrs old and thinking that my best years were between 50 and 60 yrs old. I retired at 50 and just loved my life then for about 10 yrs. I have slowed down a bit but will take some of your advice now and in my future. I really enjoyed your post. It was really well written and there was lots to learn. Way to go. 

  4. Adamu2 says:

    I absolutely love what I read in this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me. I gained some point in this article about activities and what to avoid at 50 years old and above. My mother is old but I still insist she visit the doctor regularly for check up. This article worth sharing with friends and family. Thanks for the information. Best regards 

  5. Shalei67 says:

    Wow. I’m so glad to hear back great feedback! Since I went thru noticeable changes the last few years (I turned 50 2 years ago), it just made sense to me to share my own experiences and find out topics and issues that are affecting those of us 50 and older. Take care!

  6. JJ says:

    Hi, I am a female aged 65 and I am keeping quite well. I found that after 50 I had to pay more attention to my health and lifestyle. Since then I enrolled at the gym doing resistance training to strengthen those bones and joints, and I enjoy it. I do a bit of walking but I need to do much more. I think the biggest challenge over 50 is circulation in every sense of the word. I try to be regular with my supplements that enhance circulation, I try to keep moving and I try to keep active socially. I intend to enjoy these years as I go through the changes. Thanks for this article.

  7. Shalei67 says:

    Thanks for sharing, JJ – you probably are motivating others as well. I think most of us over 50 can relate to all that you have gone thru and are going thru. Circulation is key as most of us are glued to our chairs, couches or desks engrossed in online activity. But promoting physical MOVING activity is more important. I’m in physical therapy now and added strength and resistant training as part of my post-op shoulder recovery. It’s these little things that make a diff as we age. Strive to thrive and keep up the great work!

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