Reflections of 2019 & Moving Forward

One of the best memories of my childhood was staying up past midnight to see the new year entering amidst the smoke of fireworks, sounds of fire crackers and cherry bombs and people yelling, laughing and celebrating.

These days, I rarely go out on New Year’s Eve. In fact, the last few years have been spent quietly at home either watching a favorite old movie classic, sipping champagne (ok, I can only handle half a glass and then I get goofy) and snuggling up to my husband if he hasn’t already fallen asleep.

As I continue to enter my 50s, it hasn’t quite changed. I know I have changed. Gone are the days when I enjoy being in the midst of crowds, loud music and boisterous laughter.  It seems like the older I get, the less noise I need and the more silence I crave.

That is not to say that I don’t enjoy chatting up with old friends on the phone or having long-distance chats with my parents.  I also enjoy receiving holiday cards and even e-cards of seasonal greetings from friends far and wide.

But I think the best things in life rarely have anything to do with things, but rather how my time is spent.  I often stop and reflect upon the old year leaving and relishing the new year with the age-old question: Have I accomplished everything I wanted to do with my life so far?

And that answer has always been ‘no’ to some level. I have to be honest – there are still a lot of goals I want to accomplish on my ‘bucket list’ before I keel over and drop the bucket.

Years ago, I would’ve been laughing thinking, “No way I’m hitting 50 yet – so much time left!” and here I am, nearly 52 years on this living, growing amazing planet and I am still in awe that my brief life has so much yet to complete.

But despite the overwhelming feeling that I will run out of time and I won’t fulfill everything I want to do, there is one thing I always will have until my last breath: I will always have me.

For now, I will always wake up to me.

For now, I will always smile in the mirror at me.

For now, I will always laugh with me for making silly joke or doing something goofy that makes my husband laugh and smile.

For now, I will always enjoy talking to my Dad or Mom long-distance via my hands-free bluetooth in the car as I head home from work.

For now, I will keep pursuing my passion for writing in the hopes of getting my work published someday soon (2020, perhaps?).

For now, I am content to know that I love and continue to be loved.

For now, I am thankful, inspired, hopeful and determined to make yet another year even better than the year that will soon end at midnight tonight.

It has been truly a pleasure to share my blogs here for the 50+ crowd and even for readers younger or older.

For now, I thank you for reading what I have to write and hope you come back in the new year as I share more on my 50+ journey ahead. Oh, my life has only just begun yet again.

Good bye, 2019. Hello, 2020!

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